Alerts are Dead.
Long Live Realerts.

Skyhawk Security’s Synthesis Platform combines Cloud Detection & Response (CDR) with Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) to uncover breaches as they occur. Get alerts on actual breach attempts to stop them before your business is at risk. We monitor the full runtime picture of dynamic threats aggregating hundreds of events, alerting only when there is an actual threat to remediate. That’s why we call them Realerts.


Static and Dynamic Activities

Uses rule-based and ML-based detectors to understand personalized, relevant behavior in ‘peacetime’ and find contextual threats in runtime.


Runtime Hub

No scanning, no agents – correlates logs and activities from any cloud, any source for live detection and response.


Threat Detection and Response

Realerts are recommendations based on related events created on a storyline mitigating false positives and saving the SOC team’s time.

Five Cloud Security Challenges Solved by Cloud Detection & Response


  • Runtime visibility – Finding misconfigurations is relevant for compliance, but our customers need to know more. Understand how threat actors penetrate the runtime environment to access sensitive resources. We are the only Cloud threat Detection & Response (CDR) solution that provides runtime visibility.
  • Accurately identify incidents to prevent breaches – Combining cloud network observability & identity threat detection into one solution helps to surface anomalies that others miss.
  • Real-time attack progression – Cross-cloud visibility into exploits occurring in real time – SOC teams can act immediately – and not take days to validate the activities.
  • No false alarms – Alerting on every anomaly is bothersome – instead we correlate multiple events into a single storyline that can validate the manifestation of an attack.
  • Attack simulation on your own infrastructure – Automated attack simulation in your pre-production environment ensures a sound architectural deployment.

Attack Sequences Prevent Breaches

Attacks unfold over weeks. Only a complete runtime hub contextualizing all your specific attack vectors in real-time will truly secure your cloud.

Go Beyond Posture Management

 Cloud Breach Prevention includes Runtime CDR, CIEM, and CSPM in one platform. And with Skyhawk, Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) is completely free.


Cloud Detection and Response

Detect malicious behavior by learning over time to focus on not what is suspicious, but what is suspicious and relevant for You.


Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management

Extend zero trust beyond basic user access visibility – to focus only on access attempts that represent anomalous behavior.


Cloud Security Posture Management

Free compliance verification, governance enforcement, misconfiguration detection, and everything you expect from CSPM.


We saved thousands of dollars when Skyhawk correlated a series of suspicious events in an Attack Sequence and alerted us in real-time before data was exfiltrated. Since the issue involved standard web ports, our other security tools missed it. Adding CDR to our security stack has proven time and again to be critical for us.

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