Skyhawk Security is the originator of Cloud threat Detection and Response (CDR), helping hundreds of users map and remediate sophisticated threats to cloud infrastructure in minutes. Led by a team of security professionals who built the original CSPM category, Skyhawk Security evolves cloud security far beyond scanning and static configuration analysis. Instead, using sequencing of context-based behaviors, Skyhawk provides CDR in a real-time ‘Runtime Hub’ – drawing attention to live critical sequences of risky events to distill and reduce the noise that other tools create.

Skyhawk is a spin-off of Radware’s (NASDAQ: RDWR) cloud security product.


The Skyhawk team is a close-knit group on a singular mission to help customers avoid the insecurity that comes with having infrastructure in the cloud. We are passionate about security, and sometimes football / soccer. If that sounds like you, join us!

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