Skyhawk Synthesis Security Platform

Prevent Cloud Breaches 
with Accurate Threat Detection

Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM)

Cloud Security Posture Management is the first line of defense for your cloud. Like closing and locking the doors and windows in your home, it provides the basics steps to secure your cloud infrastructure.

Skyhawk’s CSPM is completely free and includes misconfiguration management, compliance and reporting, and automated remediation.


Quickly identify

Ensure compliance with comprehensive reports

Automatic remediation improve security posture

Attack Sequences: 
The Realerts

Threat actors are typically not performing really visible, explosive events that make it very obvious that a breach is in process. Discreet, under the radar activities are quietly executed to compromise your organization’s cloud. Skyhawk Synthesis sequences MBIs and then assesses the risk of the sequence. Once the risk of the sequence reaches a threshold, an alert is propagated to the security team. An alert from Skyhawk is not to be ignored – this indicates there is an actual threat to your cloud. 
Skyhawk alerts matter.

Why Runtime?

In order to find threats that are impacting your business right now – you need to monitor theruntime. Runtime monitoring detects threats as they are unfolding, not at pre-set intervals. Other solutions review the behaviors at specific times, looking at a snapshot of the environment. Runtime monitoring from Skyhawk Synthesis finds issues in your cloud, right now – so you can stop them from evolving to full blown breaches.

Three Levels of Custom Machine Learning Models

Skyhawk Synthesis creates custom models at three layers within your cloud environment. These models are updated daily to prevent drift and ensure accuracy. Daily updates also ensures threat actors cannot reverse engineer these models to attempt to outsmart detection. Models are created across the entire Skyhawk Security Cloud, within the customer cloud, and then for cloud users and assets.

Why is CSPM from Skyhawk Free?

Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) tools are an important part of any security strategy. As explained above – CSPM tools are the locked doors and windows, but not the alarm system. For this reason, Skyhawk offers CSPM for free. We believe CSPM is foundational for cloud security, but does not provide the critical value of runtime observability and breach prevention. Try our free CSPM up to 1000 assets, and test-drive our CDR platform at the same time

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