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The best security incidents are the ones that were detected and prevented, in advance. Skyhawk Security’s security platform finds exactly those incidents, at scale. Our unique solutions allow us to investigate our customers’ cloud infrastructures, and alert for actual incidents in near real-time, so they can be addressed before a full-blown breach occurs.

We accomplish this with an advanced set of technologies like: Micro-services, Flink, Spark, Airflow, GO, Java, TypeScript, Kubernetes, React and more.

We secure clouds – AWS, GCP, Azure and more to come!!

But our key to victory is having the best people. This is where you come in.

We, at Skyhawk Security, are looking for engineers who can take charge of requirements and take them all the way to production, end-to-end. As no one can know it all, whatever skill set you are missing, we have our leadership in place to teach you and to take your career forward.

Who is Skyhawk Security?

· 40 people’s company

· Backed by Tiger Global

· Flexible in office hours, just Monday – Wednesday

· Conveniently located at the Bursa, in Ramat Gan. (Just a short walk from the train station)

Your day-to-day:

As a Senior Backend Engineer, you will work closely with other development teams, DevOps, cyber researchers, and data scientists. Together we will build, design, develop, and optimize the large-scale architecture of our cloud-based security service.

· End-to-end design, implementation and delivery of software-based and product-oriented solutions.

· Write new methods and algorithms for cyber-criminal activity detection.

· Your solution would be running on big data, high scale and asynchronous platforms, requiring processing of tens of terabytes a day.

· You would be utilizing cutting edge technologies such as: Flink, Spark, Airflow, Kubernetes, Redshift, AWS Athena, Kinesis Streams, SQL and No-SQL databases (Elasticsearch, Neo4j), Apache Iceberg, DBT, SNS/SQS and others.

· Relax when you need to stay sharp

· You would be coding in TypeScript/Node.JS, Java and some Python in a Micro/Services and domain driven architecture.

What we expect of you:

· A can-do attitude, and don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need it.

· At least 5-7 years of hands-on coding experience, preferably in Java ,GO.

· Team player, hard worker, quick learner, independent, and loves challenges

We would be lucky if you have:

· Experience in cloud engineering and big data technologies.

· Passion for teaching others

· experience in Python

· Some hands-on experience in front-end development

· Experience with CI/CD platforms, Docker and/or Kubernetes

· a degree in a relevant scientific field or engineering (computer science, software engineering, physics, biology, industrial engineering, or similar)

Our Culture:

As a company grows, it needs to have a guiding light so we can be better both as people and as employees. Our employees from various departments have set down to discuss and agree on the values we wish to have, and the values we wish to be.

Thinking without a Box – providing the most cutting edge and fitting solutions pushes us to think even further than outside the box.

Passion for Excellence – we each cannot reach excellence without something internal within us, not without passion.

Guided by Purpose – to win and to achieve our goals, we must first set it correctly. We carefully choose what to do with a scalpel, the scalpel of purpose.

Driven by Care – caring is not only required to get the best work done, but caring is also required to work with the best people. We care deeply about both.

Embracing Openness – we accept others and their perspectives as they are, without judgement and with openness. We first actively listen to what our surroundings have to say.

  • Working together to figure out what’s important to us is an example of the culture we wish to work in. Where everyone is a part of the process, and everyone can be a heard.


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