CSPM and CIEM are commonplace in the cloud security industry. Skyhawk’s unique CDR approach adds complete runtime observability of cloud infrastructure, applications, and end-user activities.

Why do you need Cloud Detection & Response?

Skyhawk Security’s Cloud threat Detection and Response (CDR) platform contextualizes and correlates all of your specific attack vectors in real time – to reduce alerts and focus only on actual attacks as they unfold. It provides scored and validated realerts, and insights on what you can do to address them.

Respond to Realerts

Many security platforms over-alert causing alert fatigue. Skyhawk weeds through the noise to call attention to real threats so the SOC can respond to actual malicious behaviors in the runtime.

Context is King

Attacks unfold over weeks and months – understanding the real impact requires context. Skyhawk leverages AI and ML to understand the behavior in your environment to look at activities with the right context.

Runtime Observability

Knowing the unknown is what security teams aspire to, but it is difficult. Understanding the runtime allows organizations to see activities and behaviors that are happening in their environment in real-time.

Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM)

Cloud Security Posture Management helps organizations assess cloud application configurations for security and compliance. It looks at the current cloud configuration and continuously monitors applications and data for risk. In many organizations, cloud configurations are changing constantly. The runtime management of Skyhawk’s Synthesis platform delivers compliance verification, detection of cloud misconfigurations, identification of publicly exposed assets, and automatic governance enforcement to ensure your cloud environment is secure. And at Skyhawk, CSPM is always free.

Cloud Infrastructure and Entitlement Management (CIEM)

Cloud administrators frequently grant wide-ranging and unnecessary permissions to end-users who access the cloud. Skyhawk Synthesis takes a full inventory of the permissions and then looks at what is used and what is not used. The unused permissions can then be safely removed, reducing the overall attack surface for hackers.

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