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The Five Key Steps in a CTEM Program Align with Skyhawk’s Continuous Proactive Protection

Continuous evolving clouds with continuously evolving threats 
need continuous threat exposure management.

ScopingScopingUnderstand the environment, with Skyhawk, it looks for the easiest ways to get to the most valuable assetsScoping Understand what is important to the business, generically as well as specifically.
DiscoveryDiscovery Discovery of assets, crown jewels based on scoping as well as the entire inventory, misconfigurations, and vulnerabilitiesDiscovery Identify visible and hidden assets, vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, and other digital risks inside and outside of the business infrastructure.
PrioritizationPrioritization Understand the weaponized and exploitable combinations which enable threat actors to compromise your most vulnerable crown jewels. Prioritization Identify the threats most likely to be exploited and those most impactful to the organization
ValidationValidation Validate how potential attackers can actually exploit an identified exposure, and how monitoring and control systems (threat detection, posture, identities) will react.Validation Validate how potential attackers can exploit an identified exposure, and how monitoring and control systems might react.
MobilizationMobilization Identify and correct issues including misconfigurations, posture issues and create response and remediation for other threats if possible; apply deep learning updates to threat detectors.Mobilization Acknowledge and communicate to all stakeholders with the aim of remediation, and measurement.

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Why be purple? Continuous Proactive Protection combines the red team and blue into a single platform so the outputs from each team educate the other to continually improve protection ensuring any changes in the cloud do not become liabilities for security teams. It integrates several “red” and “blue” capabilities ensuring contextualized results. Organizations will realize better security at a reduced cost while improving operational efficiency and meeting changing business needs.

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