Why Are We Giving Away CSPM?

At Skyhawk Security, we believe that Cloud Security Posture Management should be free. Visibility, reporting, compliance reports – those CSPM basics are table stakes in our industry and are more or less the same product regardless of who you buy from.

No gimmicks, no nonsense – CSPM from Skyhawk Security up to 1000 assets – is completely free.

Skyhawk Security focuses on cloud threat detection, with our Synthesis Platform. The platform also includes Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM), a baseline capability that most organizations require as a part of their preventative security strategy. You can monitor misconfigurations and manage compliance and governance free for up to 1,000 assets in your cloud.

Key Capabilities of free CSPM:

  • Identify misconfigurations so they can be corrected
  • Simplify compliance initiatives with reports for security standards like PCI, GDPR, SOC,…
  • Enforce behaviors with the ability to customize rules for your business and your cloud
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Let’s Get Real About What You Get

Cloud Security Posture ManagementFree CSPM TierEnterprise Tier
Visibility across clouds (AWS, Azure, GCP)
Complete posture management and hardening
Compliance reports
Governance reports
AssetsUp to 1000 assets Unlimited
Shift-left IaC
Cloud Detection and Response
Threat detection
Attack simulations
Threat response
Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management
Least privileges recommendations
Unused permission alerts
SupportSlack channelTicketing system, dedicated customer support engineers
Guided install
IntegrationsNot includedJira, Slack
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