Detect Threats and Respond to Realerts, not False Incidents

Security teams are woefully understaffed. Chasing false incidents exacerbates this issue. Skyhawk Synthesis Security Platform uses ML and three layers of context to correlate all your specific attack vectors in real-time. This ensures that security teams are responding only to realerts.

Cloud Infrastructure

Correlates logs and activities from any cloud, any source to learn relevant behavior in ‘peacetime’ and show full attack kill chain in ‘wartime’

Usage Patterns of Cloud

No scanning, no static analysis, no agents – correlates logs and activities from any cloud, any source for a complete view of the runtime

Usage Patterns of

Uses machine learning and alerts only when employee behavior represents anomalous activity – to eliminate alert fatigue

Why Do You Need Threat Detection?

Misconfigurations are Everywhere

Misconfigurations are common, and not all of them can be fixed nor can they be fixed fast enough. Threat detection is the only security solution standing between your organization and an attacker. 

Reduce Alert Fatigue

The SOC is overwhelmed with alerts – and most are just false incidents. The right threat detection platform contextualizes architectural, behavioral data, and configurations to ensure the SOC only responds to realerts.  

Non-patchable Attack Surface

The non-patchable attack surface can be 50% of your environment – cloud weaknesses that you are going to have to live with. Runtime threat detection monitors the environment to protect you, despite these issues.

Key Features and Capabilities

Security Operations Center (SOC) productivity dramatically increases when the team
knows where to focus – which alerts and trends need to be addressed first to manage
exposures, permissions, and compliance.

The Runtime Hub

The Skyhawk Synthesis Security Platform “listens” to the activity during peacetime to determine what is normal behavior. Baseline ML models are created for users, clouds, roles, applications, and clouds which then triangulate behavior in the runtime and deviations are flagged. These contextualized deviations are realerts, making it easy for security teams to identify threat actors. 

Remediation & Threat Response

Remediation within Skyhawk Synthesis addresses misconfigurations, compliance issues and other public exposures. Threat Response within Synthesis addresses real-time prevention for runtime events. You define rules within the platform and only execute when all the criteria for execution are met.

Attack Sequencing and Realerts

Attacks are not comprised of one mega event, they are made up of several smaller activities. Skyhawk leverages AI and ML to correlate activities and clearly show how an attack is unfolding in a strategic and sequenced manner for advanced root-cause analysis.

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