Understand the business impact of misconfigurations and their exploitation in the runtime

Skyhawk Security goes beyond noisy alerts, showing you how malicious attacks are being executed in your cloud so you understand not just how they can get into your business, but what attackers are doing right now TO your business.

Operational Efficiency

Respond to realerts and don’t waste time and resources chasing every noisy activity, increasing productivity

Understand Your Threats

AI and ML analyze, sequence, and score individual events to determine what is threatening versus business as usual

Faster Resolution

Realerts are aligned to specific techniques within MITRE enabling teams to more quickly understand how to combat the threats

Automated Remediation and Response

Identified exposures and/or misconfigurations are automatically resolved with user-defined remediation rules or responses

How does Skyhawk Synthesis work?

The Skyhawk Security Platform analyzes activity during peacetime to determine what is normal behavior. It then actively monitors the cloud for suspicious activities to understand not just that there are misconfigurations, but to also see how the attacker is leveraging these misconfigurations, when they are leveraging them, and how they are exploiting the cloud architecture to gain access to your company’s data. The platform doesn’t just look at misconfigurations, but also any behavior that is malicious and deviates from what is normal for your cloud.


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