Skyhawk’s CSPM is completely free and includes misconfiguration management, compliance and reporting, and automated remediation.

Detection of Misconfigurations

Risk-prioritized alerts based on malicious behavior indicators

Compliance and Reporting

Comprehensive reporting for compliance with PCI, SOC, HIPAA and more

Automated Remediation

Create rules to allow your teams to automate some of their basic remediation steps 

Detection of Misconfigurations

Skyhawk Synthesis helps organizations detect cloud misconfigurations across a wide range of potential issues, with detailed explanations in terms of the impact and how to fix it. The risk-prioritized alerts based on assessment and severity enable security teams to respond to the most pressing issues.

The platform lists out the misconfigurations in priority order in terms of severity.

Extensive detail is provided for each misconfiguration so you can have the information you need to ensure you are doing everything you can to prevent threats, breaches, and incidents.

Compliance and Reporting

Ensuring compliance with internal and external regulations is a requirement for many IT teams. Most organizations are bound by several compliance requirements like PCI, SOC or SOC II, and more. Skyhawk Synthesis provides comprehensive reports to document and prove that your organization is supporting these compliance initiatives.

Remediation & Automation

Remediation within Skyhawk Synthesis addresses misconfigurations, compliance issues and other public exposures. You define rules within the platform and only execute when all the criteria for execution are met. For example, Skyhawk Synthesis allows you to create hard rules that will completely block access to specific assets until the security team has time to look at the configuration and make the necessary corrections.

Our Cloud Breach Prevention Consists of One Single Platform for CSPM, CIEM and CDR

Skyhawk Security’s Cloud threat Detection and Response (CDR) platform contextualizes and correlates all of your specific attack vectors in real time – to reduce alerts and focus only on actual attacks as they unfold. It provides scored and validated realerts, and insights on what you can do to address them.

Why is CSPM from Skyhawk Free?

Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) tools are an important part of any security strategy. As explained above – CSPM tools are the locked doors and windows, but not the alarm system. For this reason, Skyhawk offers CSPM for free. We believe CSPM is foundational for cloud security, but does not provide the critical value of runtime observability and breach prevention. Try our free CSPM up to 1000 assets, and test-drive our CDR platform at the same time:

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