Head Of Data Science @ Skyhawk Security

The best security incidents are the ones that were detected and prevented, in advance. Skyhawk Security’s security platform finds exactly those incidents, at scale. Our unique solutions allow us to investigate our customers’ cloud infrastructures, and alert for actual incidents in near real-time, so they can be addressed before a full-blown breach occurs. 

We accomplish this with an advanced set of technologies like: Micro-services, Flink, Spark, Airflow, GO, Java, TypeScript, Kubernetes, React and more. 

We secure clouds – AWS, GCP, Azure and more to come!!

But our key to victory is having the best people. This is where you come in.

We, at Skyhawk Security, are looking for engineers who can take charge of requirements and take them all the way to production, end-to-end. As no one can know it all, whatever skill set you are missing, we have our leadership in place to teach you and to take your career forward.

Who is Skyhawk Security? 


We are looking for a passionate and experienced Head of Data Science that strives to create impact and take our AI & ML to its next level along with some unique and awesome unicorn technologies.

Your day-to-day:


What we expect of you: 

Our Culture:


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