2024 Cloud Awards: Skyhawk Security a Top Finalist with Advanced Cloud Solutions

Skyhawk Security stands out in a competitive market! The organization is proud to announce that it has been named a finalist in the 2024 Cloud Security Awards program in four categories: Cloud Security Innovator of the Year Best Use of AI in a Cloud Security Solution Best Security Compliance in Enterprise Best Vulnerability Scanner/Assessment Solution […]

Skyhawk Security was at Cybertech – What did you miss?

The Cybertech conference of 2024 was supposed to mark the tenth year of the event that has long been considered the most significant in the local industry. The event that started as an event by Israelis, for Israelis, has long since become the “showcase” of the local  industry, where established companies such as Checkpoint, large […]

Skyhawk Security is Exhibiting at RSA

Did you know cloud attacks increased 75% over the last year? Or, that human error was the leading cause of cloud breaches at 55%? And 75% of businesses state that more than 40% of data stored in the cloud is sensitive? Or that valid accounts are being used to attack your cloud, and these attacks […]

Managing the Unseen Attack Surface

What is the Cloud Security Maturity Model and How mature are you?

US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) defines “Attack surface” as: The set of points on the boundary of a system, a system element, or an environment where an attacker can try to enter, cause an effect on, or extract data from, that system, system element, or environment. However, this definition is predominantly relevant […]

The Perfect Storm: Lack of Security and Cloud Skills

It is a fact that the security industry suffers from a chronic shortage of skilled employees. This global shortage, which ISC2 estimates at 4 million professionals. The global workforce is estimated at 5.5 million people, meaning it nearly needs to double itself to keep up with growing demand.  This is so profound that 71% of […]

SEC Cyber Rule: A Primer for Practitioners by Alex Sharpe

Please check out this guest blog post by Alex Sharpe, a Cyber Security Expert with decades of experience. The SEC Cybersecurity Rule is designed to provide transparency so investors can make information decisions. The rule effectively imposes two requirements on publicly traded companies. The full rule can be found here. The SEC has three missions: […]

Fight AI-based Threats with AI-based Security

Security teams are quickly realizing the benefits of Generative AI and are incorporating this technology into their security products for earlier detection of risks in the environment. AI can help security teams better recognize and resolve threats and exposures in their cloud environment. However, threat actors have also realized that AI offers them benefits as […]

AWS re: Invent 2023 recap

Can you believe that re: Invent ended only 10 days ago! Skyhawk had a great event – great conversations, a great product launch and lots of coverage. So, what did we learn? Purple team is “the perfect use case for Generative AI”. We heard this from industry experts, customers, and prospects. Continuous Proactive Protection is […]

Alerts that Matter: Operationally Efficient Cloud Breach Prevention

The reason why cloud threat detection is so difficult is for one reason – it requires expertise to make sense of vast amounts of disjointed data. There is too much data to sort though, aggregate, correlate, and determine the outcome on behaviors. Analyzing data requires understanding of the context, for cloud threat detection this adds […]

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