10 Pros and Cons of AWS GuardDuty

10 Pros and Cons of AWS Guardduty

Walking around cyber security trade shows, you can’t help but notice how standard pen tester booths are. Pen testers, or penetration testers, simulate an unauthorized attack where they purposely try to infiltrate your network or cloud to uncover security gaps. It’s just like an actual attack made by an ethical hacker you paid for.  Why […]

AWS GuardDuty vs. Inspector: Which is Right for You?

There is never a dull moment in the world of cyber attackers. From misconfigurations to data misuse, the possibilities are endless for hackers to get into your cloud systems, making threat detection tools indispensable for any company.  Over the past year, 80% of cloud users suffered a severe security incident. As cloud security concerns rise […]

What is the Cloud Security Maturity Model, and How mature are you?

What is the Cloud Security Maturity Model and How mature are you?

The cloud revolution has taken the business world by storm, and the thunder is still roaring. From the smallest companies to Fortune 500 enterprises, organizations are launching their data, workloads, and applications into the cloud. And gleefully reaping the benefits. However, as with most revolutionary technologies in the past, the rushed pandemic-fueled race to digital […]

7 Best Practices for a Cloud Detection and Response Framework

7 Best Practices for a Cloud Detection and Response Framework

The sky’s the limit for cloud computing. As new cloud-native applications like containers, microservices, and APIs grow in popularity, the cloud’s scalability and adaptability make it attractive for businesses. Emerging technologies such as generative AI and Web3, which require powerful computing capabilities, are also bringing the cloud’s growth to a whole new level.  While the […]

Top 7 Requirements for Successful Attack Surface Management

If your organization made it through 2022 without a single major cybersecurity problem in which sensitive data was compromised, you are part of a lucky minority. Cybercrooks are quick to follow as more businesses take their data, workloads, and operations to cloud-based infrastructure and services.  Last year, as many as 7 in 10 organizations in […]

Free PCI Compliance Checklist Download [XLS Template]

Free PCI Compliance Checklist Download

Businesses rely on the cloud to store their most important data. While it’s true that cloud computing enables a much more efficient way to store and share data, you can’t blindly trust that your assets are safe.  Securing credit card data is particularly important for retailers and e-commerce sites that process credit cards. For these […]

7 Essential Steps to Configure AWS Security Groups

7 Essential Steps to Configure AWS Security Groups

Infrastructure-as-Code is a game-changer for automating cloud resource management – and it’s as popular as ever. AWS quickly got a piece of the pie by launching AWS CloudFormations, a tool that lets you model, manage and provision your AWS cloud resources by leveraging Infrastructure as Code.  If that wasn’t enough – AWS also launched AWS […]

InfoSec’s Top 10 Threat-Hunting Tools for 2023

InfoSec's Top 10 Threat-Hunting Tools for 2023

Although automated security tools detect 80% of security threats to an organization, the remaining 20% are often the most sophisticated and damaging to your business. With each global data breach costing an organization over $4 million yearly, threat-hunting tools that offer comprehensive threat coverage are a must-have for your security team.  This article compares the […]

5 Threat Detection and Response Methods Baffling Cyber Attackers

5 Threat Detection and Response Methods Baffling Cyber Attackers

Cybersecurity has always been a game of cat and mouse between cyber criminals and information security teams in organizations. Though it isn’t always clear who the cat and the mouse are in this scenario. As infosec professionals, are we doing the chasing or the escaping? Perhaps a bit of both? In 2023, we are faced […]

CIEM vs. CSPM: What is it and Which do I Need?


Human error is responsible for 82% of data breaches. The figures are similar when it comes to the cloud, with misconfigurations and excessive permissions being the cause of most cloud security threats.  Managing accessibility and permissions within an organization is challenging, especially for large-scale enterprises with hundreds or thousands of users. Even more challenging is […]

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